The International Moss Stock Center (IMSC) Freiburg

The International Moss Stock Center which is located in Freiburg and managed by the Department of Plant Biotechnology, Faculty of Biology, of the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg collects, preserves and distributes moss mutants, transgenic lines and ecotypes.

The IMSC offers research institutions, industrial enterprises and other facilities the possibility to store back-up samples in its cryobank. Storing at IMSC guarantees that moss lines are safely deposited and available in the long term as the material is stored in special freezer containers in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen at temperatures below - 135 C. 

A number is assigned to all the samples and will hereby provide trackable accession numbers which may be used as a citation in publications. 

For Physcomitrella patens it has been shown that the regeneration rate after cryopreservation  is 100 % (Schulte, J. and Reski, R. (2004): High-throughput cryopreservation of 140,000 Physcomitrella patens mutants. Plant Biology 6, 119-127.).

The IMSC moss collection currently includes ecotypes of Physcomitrella patens, Physcomitrium and Funaria as well as several transgenic and mutant lines of P. patens

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